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Il Forno Brunch

Il Forno has had a home at the top end of Duke Street since the start. With a pair of brothers at the helm, an army of suit-clad Italians running the show and a number of accolades and awards under their belt,  they've made a name for themselves as one of Liverpool's go-to places for proper Italian food.

Now I've always had a slight issue with 'bottomless brunches' in that they seem to be more about getting smashed than actually eating. If anything, I'd much prefer the food to be bottomless rather than the booze but we'll save that particular issue for another day.  Thankfully the offering at Il Forno managed to change my mind, as it was as much about good quality, proper food as it was the refillable prosecco. In my opinion a much more classy undertaking than many of the boozy brunch offerings in the city.

For just £25 you can choose 3 dishes from the brunch menu to accompany your bottomless beverages (although I'd recommend going as a group as you can order more and get to try a bit of everything!). The menu is typically Italian and is all about small plates of the classics- bread, cured meats and a selection of pasta dishes. 

We all started with a Bruschette Classica, a mix of three different breads topped with garlic, tomatoes and heaps of olive oil.

Next up was a Carbonara- a brunch-time revelation in my opinion. I remember watching Jamie Oliver or someone making a hangover carbonara once and being baffled by the whole thing but I've definitely seen the light!  The Il Forno version is rich and creamy  and probably my favourite dish of the bunch. 

Last but not least we shared a baked Aubergine Parmigiana and Cheesey Fondue Potato Flan- two really great additions from the vegetarian section, finishing with a selection of (incredible) gelato from the cabinet. 

If  you're looking for a bottomless brunch in Liverpool where the food matches up to the drinks then Il Forno is definitely the place. Molto bella!


The Liverpool Burger A-Z

When it comes to eating out most of the time I am incredibly indecisive and can't even decide what I want to eat, never mind where. Sometimes, though, I am consumed by cravings and once I've got my heart set on something there's no changing my mind. One thing that quite often sneaks into my cravings calendar is a good old burger. Fortunately, Liverpool is abundant with them so just in case you ever fancy one I've put together the definitive, (almost) complete, and fully comprehensive A-Z guide of where you can get one.
Almost Famous- River Phoenix Burger with Frazzles 
[I'd actually planned to have this post up in time for National Burger Day but it turns out finding restaurants named with all the letters of the alphabet is actually pretty tricky- who knew?!]
(Updated July 2019)

Mexican Liverpool

When it comes to bucket list items most of mine revolve around food. Last year I had midnight tapas in Madrid and this year I managed to fulfil all my Sound of Music fantasies with a strudel for breakfast in a Viennese coffee house.

When we booked our summer trip to Mexico without a doubt my main concern was having a proper taco (and relaxing and having a nice holiday too blah blah etc). Whilst Playa del Carmen is undoubtedly a tourist hot spot, we were reliably informed that the locals eat their tacos at El Fogon and we were certainly not disappointed. Oh man, it was good.

Our little table at the side of the road was filled with plates of Tacos al Pastor, soft tortillas filled with freshly carved pork, fresh onion, coriander and grilled pineapple. We got stuck in, head first in to trays of nachos, chips, guac, salsa and beer and it was GREAT.

As it turns out it is hard to go cold turkey from 10 days of tacos so I've rounded up a few places to get your Mexican fix in Liverpool.

1. Lucha Libre
Top of the list for me is Lucha Libre, the Wood Street restaurant serving up Guadalajara-inspired street food. The menu is filled to the brim with tacos, quesadillas, dirty fries and bar snacks plus they do the best frozen margaritas in the city.

2. La Parilla
Known to all of my friends, family and work colleagues as simply 'The Mexican', this Crosby South Road born restaurant has recently opened up a second location on Bold Street.  Expect big plates of home-cooked food.

3. Savina
Originally based on Duke Street, one of Liverpool's best known Mexican resturants Savina has just moved to a new home in Queen's Square. The interior has had a sleek and colourful refurb and they have an outdoor dining area for when the sun is shining.

4. Wahaca
The baby of Masterchef winner Thomasina Myers, this huge London-born chain aims to take the grease out of Mexican food and rebrand it with freshness, colour and flavour. They've got  an absolutely enormous selection of Tequila and Mezcal to get stuck in to.

5.  The Tavern Co
Whilst technically more Tex-Mex than Mexican, this Smithdown institution known best for its breakfast also has a few banging dinner options to satisfy your tastes for the good stuff. Independent, family owned and they do brunch tacos, too.

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