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5 Reasons to Roast at Maray

Sound the alarms, whip out the confetti and crack open the Buckfast because one of Liverpool’s best restaurants has sacked off their signature small plates and have started serving up a roast dinner on a Sunday. That’s right- I’m talking about the Maray x Roast Dinner situation and you can get your hands on one every weekend at the Allerton Road Branch. I selflessly went to test it out for you on day numbero uno and can happily confirm it's every bit as good as it looks. Still not convinced? I have put together a very scientific* list of reasons you should definitely get yourself booked in to try it.

He should know he's not allowed to eat until after the photo by now...

Weekend Walks (& where to eat afterwards)

Despite being completely gym-phobic I still need a reason to get out of bed on the weekends and there's nothing quite like a brisk winter walk for getting your cheeks nice and rosy and working up a good appetite for dinner. We are pretty fortunate on either side of the Mersey to have some gorgeous walks right on our doorstep so I've pulled together a list of my favourites. More importantly, I've included some ideas for where to eat afterwards. After all, you'll have earned it!**

**** 15 minutes of complaining and taking boomerangs still counts as a walk. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.  

1. Sefton Park

Monkey Grinder Tapas

Saturday Small Plates on Lark Lane

If you saw my trip to Madrid late last year then you'll know how enamoured I was by the food there. So much so that I've actively avoided eating in Spanish restaurants as I knew it just wouldn't be the same. That said, after a leisurely ramble up and down the ever-eccentric Lark Lane in search of food it was Monkey Grinder Tapas that stood out amongst the jumble of bars, restaurants and cafes. Exhausted from our 10 minute walk around Sefton Park, we pulled up a seat by the window, ordered some booze and got stuck in.


Heavenly Desserts

Brunch at Liverpool's Newest Dessert Bar

I'm one of those people that always says I don't have a sweet tooth as I'm mindlessly chomping my way through box upon box of malteasers and claiming I'd 'much rather have a starter'. 
In reality, I am compelled to consume a sweet treat after almost every meal (breakfast included) and I almost never say no to a dessert menu. With that in mind, along with the fact that I have completely vetoed the January diet this year, I went down to road-test some of the celestial offerings at Heavenly Desserts

It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it!

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