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Alma de Cuba Summer Menu

When it comes to loving or hating the summer I am, like most things in my life, sitting firmly on the fence. Don't get me wrong, I love a good BBQ, it gives me perfect excuse to live on ice-cream for several months at a time and the summer months usually coincide with me having a rather long period of time off work.


What we ate in...Bratislava and Vienna

I'm well aware that I've taken my sweet time getting this post up- you've all been on tenterhooks I'm sure. But life comes at you fast as they say and, aside from being one busy little bee, I was unsure whether to even post this one.

You see, I know you come here for the Liverpool based food inspo- the clue's in the name, but I do leave this side of the Mersey occasionally and often those posts go down well. You saw my trip to Madrid, right? Far be it for me to profess I know the ins and outs of where to eat in these places after only a few days there, but I like to share what we had in the hopes that some intrepid holiday planners like myself will find comfort knowing there is a decent place to get a doughnut cone in Hungary.


'All You Can Pug' Brunch

What’s better than brunch? A brunch with pugs, of course!


What's New, Liverpool? (Part 2)

If you saw the first edition of this post you'll know that new restaurants are sprouting up in Liverpool faster than you can tag your mates and say 'omg let's go here xx'.

In fact, just over two months since my original post there's now enough decent new places dotted about to warrant a second edition of 'What's New, Liverpool?'. 
So, In an act of unwarranted selflessness I've kindly rounded up the latest and most interesting openings for your consideration and linked them all underneath.*

Move aside Greggs because Liverpool now has their own Pieminister. Located on Bold Street, this place serves up proper, award-winning pies as well as soft-serve ice cream served in, er.. pies. It's actual pie madness in there. Plus they've got beer!


Mackie Mayor

It probably won't surprise you that I don't tend to travel too far from Liverpool for food. But when the opportunity to head in to Manchester for an early evening diner arose I was secretly made up to get a chance to finally try out one of Manchester's newest food markets. 

Mackie Mayor is an indoor food market, much like the Baltic only a bit (a lot) posher. It's actually inside a Grade 2 listed building so not only is it stunning inside, it's been happily returned to it's market roots.


Spring Food and Drink Festival

If you're a long-time reader of Eat Liverpool (hi mum) you'll know the Liverpool Food and Drink festivals are one of the annual highlights of my calendar.

See: 5 Reasons to Love the LFDF or What we ate at the LFDF to get a  flavour of my affections...

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