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Mackie Mayor

It probably won't surprise you that I don't tend to travel too far from Liverpool for food. But when the opportunity to head in to Manchester for an early evening diner arose I was secretly made up to get a chance to finally try out one of Manchester's newest food markets. 

Mackie Mayor is an indoor food market, much like the Baltic only a bit (a lot) posher. It's actually inside a Grade 2 listed building so not only is it stunning inside, it's been happily returned to it's market roots.

Inside is split in to two levels with the all the food and drink on the first floor and additional seating on a balcony overhead- I'm sure you can imagine which floor we found ourselves on. Tables are long and communal but are pre-equipped with napkins, cutlery and fresh water and although you order at the outlets themselves, a waiter will bring it over to you and clear it away afterwards. See? Fancy.

The food is really, really good and completely does justice to the building. A Szechuan fried chicken bao from Baohouse spiked with hot sauce and pickles was, literally, finger licking good. I'm still finding bits of it on my face now.

A classic Margherita with Buffalo Mozzarella from Honest Crust was everything a perfect pizza should be. Sweet, gooey and black and charred around the edges. 

The real highlights for me came from Fin fish bar- I'd happily go back to eat the rest of their menu tomorrow.

Spider Crab on toast that tastes just as gorgeous as it looks.

& a fried fish taco that knocked my socks off. Easily the best one I've eaten.

So what's the catch? Well it's in Manchester for a start, so if you're Merseyside based you're going to have to travel. Likewise, it ain't cheap. That bao bun? £7.50. The pizza was almost £12. I absolutely don't begrudge paying it though because every single plate was de-licious. 

Mackie Mayor is open Tuesday to Sunday and kids and dogs are welcome. 


(P.S. Thanks to Sophies Scran, Jess and Foodislife for their fab food recommendations. If you ever need somewhere to eat in Manc these are your girls!)

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