Everything you need to know about food and drink in Liverpool.


Revisiting George's

Way back at the end of October last year, Liverpool saw the opening of a new 'British' themed restaurant in the form of George's Great British Kitchen. I went down to do a review and fell in love with their original take on  fish and chips and their sickeningly sweet & playful desserts. Now, almost a year on,  the restaurant has a whole host of new dishes on the menu and I was kindly invited back to try a few of them on for size.



In a village as small as Woolton, competition to be the reigning curry house, best chippy and most loved cafe is fierce. The locals (myself included) have grown familiar with their favourite food spots, eat their favourite dishes on the regular and know the ins and outs of the pub drinks list like the back of their hands.


Revolution- St Peter's Square

Back in my university days Revolution was a place I associated with sticky floors, mountains of sickly sweet shots and lots of very late blurry nights. As it turns out, Revs is actually a surprisingly normal place in the day time. The branch in St Peter's Square (just behind FACT) is really sleek, airy and colourful (absolutely not how I remember it) and they've got a pretty sweet lunch offering too.

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