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George's Great British Kitchen

Fish and Chips and..Cocktails?

It was the desserts I saw first. They appeared on my Facebook feed and I couldn't get them off my mind. I heard rumours of Candyfloss, Caramacs and deep fried chocolate bars and my mouth started watering. With that in mind, the wait for George's to open seemed eternal. But eventually, the day came and we headed down with empty bellies ready to be filled.

Our meal began with a copy of the drinks list- 'The Great Beverage Adventure'. Now there's an adventure I can get on board with.
 I had been eyeing up the 'Sweet Shop Cocktails' named (and flavoured) after childhood faves like Refreshers, Sherbert Lemons and Candy Floss but the thought of drinking something that sweet before dinner put me off. Instead, we went for a Bramble (our fave) and a Brighton Bloomer. Both lovely, sour, gin cocktails with lemon, berries and a whole load of crushed ice. 

 I was torn between then the Scotch Eggs and the Calamari for my starter so I ended up ordering both. Although the yolk could have been runnier the eggs were good, the calamari, however, was delicious. Super crisp and spicy and topped with lime juice, a tangy sauce and some crunchy spring onions.

My boyfriend ordered the Halloumi Skewers. If I'm honest I think they were a little weird- they weren't particularly crispy and they were served with fresh tomatoes on the top of a cauliflower and mushroom curry. Why? I don't know, but I don't want to eat it again. Everyone knows halloumi only needs to be deep fried to be delicious- this was a shame.

The main courses are all 'British with a twist'. I ordered the Cod in Onion Bhaji Batter. Now, an onion bhaji batter it was not but it was definitely a spiced batter and the portion of fish was enormous (they gave me two!). It was served with the most sensational non-greasy chippy chips, a fruity curry sauce, curry mayo, spring onions and coriander. 

If you cod find a better fish and chips than that let minnow!

My boyfriend went for an 80's throwback and ordered the Chicken in a Basket. Served with bacon, coleslaw, chippy chips and gravy. (Oh, and sweetcorn pancakes but the less said about them the better).

Despite being stuffed after working my way through that whale-sized piece of fish I was unable to resist the call of the Candyfloss any longer. I went for a 'Candy Annie' to warm myself up before taking down the dessert menu. This is one of George's signature cocktails with vodka, (more) gin, passion-fruit and rhubarb. A good balance of sweet and sour with a ball of sugary fluff on the top for good measure.

On to desserts. In my opinion there's no point having a dessert unless you're going to do it properly. They should be sweet, sticky, rich, gooey and all other marvellous things that make us feel guilty and re-join the gym. These ones certainly fulfilled all my sugar fantasies. We ordered to share.

Apple crumble pie with Caramac, salted caramel and ice cream. Winter dessert heaven.

Deep fried Cadbury's fudge bars with caramel, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.
We demolished them like greedy kids and sauntered off into the night.

If you're after a taste of Blighty with a side of cocktails and some truly guilty desserts then George's is the place! Just,er, avoid the halloumi..

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