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Miller and Carter Otterspool

As you may know, in my old(er) age I've become a bit of a fan of a weekend walk, although admittedly, only when I know it will end in some kind of celebratory reward-based eating. Walking alongside the Mersey at Otterspool Prom has long been one of my favourite places to do this. You can see right across the Wirral (sometimes to Wales on a clear day) and once when I was peering aimlessly into the murky depths I saw a sea lion,  I swear.

Sadly the opportunity for a decent post-walk meal there was slim. Sure, you could head to Aigburth road for a coffee if you wanted or head to Lark Lane but the only restaurant accessible on foot was a rather tired and sad Harvester that did little to excite me in terms of dinner prospects.

As you may know said Harvester has now been re-opened as the second Liverpool base of steakhouse chain Miller and Carter (the first is based at the Albert Docks). So when an invitation to try out the restaurant landed in my inbox I was keen to see whether or not it would be the perfect place for post-walk feasting.

The interior has has had a complete overhaul with the signature Harvester salad bar removed (R.I.P) to make way for cosy steakhouse furnishings along the lines of cosy carpets, red leather chairs and a open-style kitchen where you can see the goods being plated up on the pass.

The menu is definitely a people-pleaser and while it isn't exactly cheap it's certainly plentiful, so order with restraint (unlike us who ordered like we were playing a live-action version of hungry hungry hippos?) We started the whole shebang with some really good Salt and Pepper Calamari and an equally tasty bowl of Sticky Chipotle Chicken- tender little chunks coated in a sweet, finger licking sauce and crispy sesame seeds.

Unsurprisingly what the restaurant does best is it's steaks. Each steak comes served just as you like it (medium-rare for me), dripping in garlic butter and presented with an array of sides including a slice of crispy onion loaf, tomatoes, fries, sauce and a rather odd and unnecessary wedge of dressed lettuce. I hate it when you have to order sides separately to your steak so I'm pleased to see M&C haven't succumbed to this particular trend. I went for a rib-eye and it was enormous and absolutely delish.

We added a bit of surf to the turf too with a grilled half lobster and some lobster and prawn tempura, it was completely unnecessary given the size of the steak but why not ey? I'd walked for at least 20 minutes.

As I mentioned up there somewhere the regular menu isn't that cheap but on Thursdays and Sundays they have a 'Dates and Steaks' style set menu where you can get three courses for around 24 quid. Of course that meant we had to try and find room for dessert so after a little break (and a few belt buckles loosened) we finished the feasting with a Sticky Toffee Pud,  a Chocolate Pot and a coffee for good measure.

Good steak, sides aplenty and a pretty good view too- I'd go back!


Find all the details on their website here.

*Whilst I was kindly invited to try out the new menu at M&C all words, thoughts, pictures and opinions are entirely my own!

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