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Castle Street Coffee x Santa Maluco

You may remember around this time last year when, due to a series of unfortunate events, the well-loved Bold Street Coffee were made temporarily homeless. Thankfully the good chaps over at Santa Maluco came to the rescue and offered them a temporary home in their colourful Castle Street home. For more details about that situation and the resulting collaboration have a wee look at my post about it on Liverpool Noise here.

Fast forward a few months, BSC have successfully completed a 30K Kickstarter campaign and have made a triumphant return to their Bold Street home. But their absence has clearly left a breakfast-shaped hole down that end of town and they're back again, this time for good. 

Bold Street Coffee, or as they'll be known at Santa's- Castle Street Coffee are going to be doing the same good breakfast they've always been doing but this time in a second, permanent home. On the menu is all the classic brunch stuff you'd expect: pancakes, porridge, eggs and bacon alongside the return of the of the breakfast 'buoy's- buttery brioche buns filled with all-sorts of breakfast goodies. 

The 'CSC Fry'

The best bit? The CSC menu and the fab new food menu at Santa's overlap so you can have brunch with pizza, fries and dough balls on the side. You'll either think that's a bit wrong or (like me) think that it's bloody marvellous in which case we should probably be mates.

Get your CSC brunch from early until 3.30pm and the good stuff from Santa Maluco from 12pm. Try and go in that sweet spot where you can have both!


* Our meal at Santa Maluco was complimentary however this review was not required and is, as always, completely honest!

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