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& Company

 A lunch time date at the Pierhead's newest hot spot.

Location & Venue: 

If 'Defence Against The Dark Arts' were a Liverpool restaurant site rather than a cursed magical teaching post then it'd have to be the site of the new & Company down at Mann Island.  Despite a pretty popular location, great views and loads of attractions, the venues down at Mann Island never seem to last much past the one year mark. Take Mann Island Social for example who opened so recently I still have their launch party tote bag in my regular wardrobe rotation. They seem to have gone the same way as Dockside Dining Club who have slipped into a noticeable silence, doors closed, lights off the works. 

& Company are the latest opening in a series of new hopefuls hoping to make their place at the pier head more permanent.  Located right by the International Slavery Museum, they've got a roomy outdoor patio, cool interiors and a dawn 'til dusk approach to hospitality. 

Food & Drink:

Whilst the breakfast menu is still under construction &Company have already rolled out different menu offerings for lunch and dinner. They aim to serve up 'classics and crowd-pleasers from across the globe' with a focus on quality over quantity. There's a small plates menu from which we had some heavenly honey-bathed chorizo or you can order pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. The fries get a special mention- don't miss them. Evenings are all about the drinks- bottles of wine, cocktails and draft beers by candlelight. 




Need to Know: 

It's early days for this place so not all the planned menus and events are up and running yet. Give them a bit of time and send them a message if you're unsure what's on. 

Price: ££/£££

Conclusion: Another good edition to the docks area which is always good to see. If I worked in town I'd be there regularly. 

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