Everything you need to know about food and drink in Liverpool.



A quick look at Liverpool's newest American-Italian sandwich bar. 

Derek's sandwich shop in Liverpool- coffee cup held up against mural.

Location & Venue:

Having never been to New York City I can't attest to know much about their the inner workings of their lunchtime deli's but I'll confidently assume that's the vibe that Liverpool's newest butty shop Derek's is going for. It's a tiny place, squeezed into a corner unit off Allerton Road and if it weren't for the dedicated mural on the side of the building or the permanent queue out of the front door I'd say it was difficult to find.  At the back there's a seating area if you're looking for a lunchtime retreat but this is definitely more of a take-away venue in my book. Said to be inspired by trips to Brooklyn, the shop is a haven of shiny white tile and neon with the full menu on a letterboard above the counter. 

Food & Drink

With a compact location comes a compact menu and Derek's have it whittled down to just 5 signature subs. There's a take on a classic NY Reuben, The TKY consisting of sliced turkey and provolone and the Skinny Dennis, a tuna sandwich served on sweet onion focaccia. We go twice to get our mitts on The Gabagool- a Tony Soprano namesake filled with Italian deli meats but both times we're out of luck and end up with the venue's only veggie/vegan option the Moltisanti. Take note: things sell out fast here. Much of the bread comes from local indie bakery Plattsville Bakehouse- you can read my interview with owner Andy here

As expected with this type of place coffee is a high priority on the menu with Crosby Coffee providing the goods. Iced coffees are at the forefront with a few interesting options available like the Lavender or matcha latte. The 'secret recipe' iced tea is not one to be missed on a sunny day (it tastes just like a Lipton's) or grab an iced strawberry lemonade if you need something refreshing. 

Need to Know:

Prepare to queue. After a rapturous opening weekend the queues at Derek's have only died down slightly meaning if you're tight on time this might not be the best choice. Unlike a mad NY lunch rush things run a little slower down in Allerton, this certainly ain't no subway. Sandwiches can be ordered in person, in advance if you have your heart on something in particular otherwise you'll need to be there as soon as to avoid disappointment.- everything operates on a 'when it's gone, it's gone' basis which is great for avoiding waste but not so great if you need to travel to get there. 

Price: ££- Expect to pay around a tenner per person for a sandwich and a drink. 


Derek's is a fab little indie and certainly a welcome addition to Allerton Road. If you're in the area this is a great lunch option with good quality food and a unique offering for this end of the city.




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