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Bouchon Deluxe

Mon Dieu! Modern French arrives on Castle Street.

Location & Venue

It’s one of those curious facts of life that if you wait long enough for something then three of them will always come at once. In this instance I’m talking about French restaurants. Whilst Bistro Jacques, Caveau and Cote Bistro have been around for a while, French cuisine isn’t something that’s been hugely popular in Liverpool in recent years. The likes of Petit Cafe du Coin and Queens Bistro may have had a part in changing that, the former a gorgeous jazz and wine cafe, the latter a hidden bistro with a menu inspired by some of France’s greatest exports and culinary techniques. 

In recent months Pierre Griffes, an informal French bistro has opened in South Liverpool and Brasserie Loup had a successful few months trading before they decided to pack up and move on to other ventures. Personally the one I’ve had my eye on is the arrival of Bouchon- a take on the French restaurant scene by the Red and Blue restaurant group- owners of some of Liverpool’s best restaurants including Bacaro, Hanover St Social and Salt House Tapas. 

If you’ve visited any of the above restaurants then you’ll find Bouchon pretty familiar. The interiors echo its sister restaurants with dark wood, moody lighting and a glowing bar areas Whilst the menu isn’t based on small plates this time they do lend well to sharing and although the French character of the menu is easy to identify it’s managed to keep away from becoming too themey. 

Food & Drink

We start with bubbles, naturally champers is on the menu at Bouchon which makes a welcome change from prosecco and sets the mood for the evening. To begin we share a humongous grilled scallop with black pudding, pea purée and a shellfish foam as well as a skillet of pan fried prawns in a creamy saffron sauce. Both dishes make an excellent start, perfect mopped up with warm Bouchon garlic bread, neon green and dripping with herby butter. 

Whilst my partner reluctantly shares his 10oz rib eye with me, it’s my sea bass that we’re fighting over at the end, the crisp skin and delicate white fish sitting on a mountain of crab & potato salad and a fresh sauce vierge. Really good stuff.


Desserts are always a strength of French restaurants thanks to a heavy hand with the butter and thankfully the sweets at Bouchon didn’t let us down. There’s a pretty sophisticated selection of puds including a petit fours selection, coffees and cheese but it’s the tarte tatin takes the crown for us. The only garnish needed for this sticky pastry delight is one,  perfectly spherical blob of vanilla ice cream- c’est fantastique!

Need to know:  Given the owners credentials and the track records of their other ventures I imagine this place is going to be busy! Book ahead if you can.

Price:  £££- Pretty reasonable with the option to spend more if you’re feeling fancy. 

Conclusion: Another great restaurant from the Bacaro family and one that is bound to be popular. It’s a shame that Rocket & Ruby, former resident of this spot, never got going. I’d love to see some of their breakfasts on the menu at Bouchon!


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