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AD- Loire Valley Wine in Liverpool

Like wine? 'Course you do. But how much do you know about the Loire Valley? Known not just for it's stunning scenery, luxury chateaux and historic French architecture, this region in central France is known for it's famed wine producing industry and abundance of vineyards. Never been? Nope, neither have I, but this September the Loire Valley are bringing some of their most famous export over to little ol' Liverpool with a month-long celebration of their wines, free samples, tasting sessions and special collaborative events across the city.

When does it start?

For the first time ever the renowned Loire Bucket List is being introduced outside of the capital and gives the people of Liverpool a chance to rediscover their own city, visit some of our best bars and restaurants and find out a bit more about Loire Valley wine along the way. It begins with some free sampling at The Royal Albert Dock this weekend (4/5th Sept '21) from their gorgeous little wine truck, no bookings or tickets needed- just go for a stroll along the water and pop in for a glass of wine along the way. Not a bad way to start the month!

Where will it be?

The Loire Valley celebrations will be taking place across the city with their wine truck debuting at the Albert Docks on 4/5th September. From then onwards there’s a suggested Loire Bucket List route- all the venues you can see below:

What's the wine like?

To get me in the mood for the festivities the lovely people over at the Loire Valley sent over some samples of their most popular stuff, all of which I decided to pair with some of my favourite food. Using the handy guide on The Wine Society website as my sommelier, I put together the following matches.

1.  The Society's Celebration Crémant de Loire 2018

A really lovely sparkling wine perfect for a special occasion at a super reasonable price point. Food pairings recommend were fish based but we enjoyed sipping the bubbles with a mixed grazing box of charcuterie, cheeses and olives.

2. Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine sur Lie, Domaine des Ratelles 2019

An all-round easy drinker and thirst-quencher perfect with salty food, meat, fish and charcuterie. The website recommended it as a good pair for dim sum so we had it with some dumplings and spring rolls.

3. Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine Guénault 2020

This fruity Sav Blanc was suggested to go well with fish so we drank alongside my favourite week night tea of grilled salmon, fried rice and veggies.

4. Touraine Rosé, Domaine des Echardières 2020

Last but not least we have the Touraine Rosé, a fruity little number with bags of flavour. I’m not usually a rosé drinker but this one I just enjoyed on its own, super cold with a Friday night film.

You have all of September to try and tackle the Loire Bucket List, visit some brilliant places and discover some new favourite wines along the way. I’ll be having a go myself so let me know how you get on!


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