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Almost Famous- New Menu Launch

The Feed Me & Tell Me I'm Pretty Party

It's a complete matter of opinion whether you think the Wonka-style burger creations at Almost Famous are fantastic or ludicrous. I'm a firm believer that they are both insane and delicious and we drop in for dinner more often than I'd care to admit. Whilst I've heard accusations that their burger inventions are more style over substance, I absolutely believe they taste as good as they look. In an attempt to prove it to you, I once brought my American cousins here and they claimed it was the best burger they'd ever eaten. Granted, they're from the Mid West, but it still takes some doing to convince two born and bred American boys that your burgers are the bomb.

Crucial kitchen roll for spillages

Upper deck

New menu

Normally, I would advocate ordering my all-time favourite- the River Phoenix burger with bacon, frazzles, bbq and chilli. Add to that a portion of Pho-King teriyaki wings and a portion of winning fries and you've got yourself..well.. a winner!

However, the creative masterminds at Almost Famous have shaken things up a bit and have relaunched the menu with some ridiculous new dishes that are impossible to resist. We hot-footed it across to the 'Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty' launch party to check out the grand reveal from Liverpool's biggest burger behemoths. 

 Scousers, are you listening? They've put salt and pepper chicken and chips ON TOP OF A BURGER. That's right, s&p fried chicken, chips, chip shop curry sauce, crispy onions, peppers and chillis all laden seductively across the top of a juicy double cheese burger. Does it sound silly? It is. But my GOD is it delicious. 

Hold tight for some unapologetic food porn:
'This is Liverpool' Burger

Pure, unadulterated filth


Wonder Waffles

RP Fries

As well as new burgers there are new fries & sides on the menu too. We got some Wonder Waffles, crispy little bites smothered in smooth nacho cheese sauce & sprinkled with bacon. I also got my River Phoneix fix with these frazzle, bacon and chilli topped fries.  
A hot, delicious mess.

On the booze front we loosened up the evening with a potent mix of Bitch Juice, Cherry Bombs and FIT A.F. Martinis (yes, that's their actual names and they're pretty accurate).

Bitch juice

The AF equivalent of a Pornstar Martini

House Poison

We left the party drunk, full and covered in sauce, & headed for home more convinced than ever that Almost Famous is the place to go for your your next junk-food food fix. 
You've got to let me know how you get on with that burger!

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