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If I started this post telling you how much of a Waga fan I've always been then I'd be lying. In truth, I'd only been once before a few years ago and I found the experience neither here nor there. However, with a new one having opened it's doors in the suburbs (Speke retail to you and me) I was invited down to try out the menu and I was fully interested to see what was on offer just a short drive from my front door.  In all honestly, I loved it. 

Cool, simple, minimal whatever you want to call it, the new restaurant is unsurprisingly more stylish than it's New Mersey counterparts (there's a new TGI's and a Nando's next door). Likewise, the food, drinks and dining experience were so much more than you'd expect from such a big chain with a well thought out, ethical menu and restaurant philosophy. This one's a chain with a bit of a conscience. 


After much deliberation the starters were ordered as always, with excess. After a couple of pre-dinner Jinzu G&T's and nearly choking myself to death on some Edamame beans (apparently you don't eat the skin-who knew?!) the table was filled with plate after plate of delicious Asian-inspired starters like dumplings, gyoza and chilli fried squid. Highlights for me included Bang Bang Cauli (£4.75), roasted cauliflower in a sticky glaze along with the new Tama Squid (£6.95)- crispy balls of squid topped with 'dancing' bonito flakes. Absolute nightmare to pick up with a chopsticks but so delicious.

Beef Tataki
Bang Bang Cauli
Tama Squid

Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki

Chilli Squid

Chicken Gyoza

Pork Belly, Panko Apple, Sriracha Bao

Having gone a wee bit overboard on the starters (I think it was 9 in total) and with my poor attempt at a holiday diet in mind we decided to be a tad more reserved with the mains. Yaki Soba Noodles with chicken and prawns (£9.50) were good but paled in comparison to my Grilled Duck Donburi (£14.25). A comforting bowl of sticky rice, roasted duck and spring onion with a runny egg yolk to sauce it all up. A side bowl of fiery Kimchi was just what the doctor ordered to liven it all up, but I advise you mix it in with your dish rather than munching it straight up if you value the use of your tastebuds.

Yaki Soba

Raisukaree Curry

Duck Donburi

Past experiences with Asian style restaurants meant I didn't have high hopes on the dessert front but just like the rest of the menu I was completely surprised with what we had and, after inhaling a Banana Katsu with Salted Caramel Sauce (£5.95), was fuming with myself for not having it sooner.  A Chocolate Layer Cake (£5.95), something I'd never pick from a menu, tasted like a Sara Lee Gateau and a Ferrero Rocher had a love child although I'd also recommend the White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake (£5.95)  if you're after something a little lighter. 

I was completely surprised by the menu at Waga's at I'm definitely planning on going again, might avoid the Edamame next time though.

Find the new Wagamama- here.


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