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The Devon Doorway

I love a good pub tea as much as the next person, but having been born and bred in the South of the city, my knowledge of pubs across the water is admittedly limited. I've had a good roast in The Red Fox in Thornton, and I've stopped for a drink in the beer gardens of Wirral faves like The Viking and The Jug and Bottle but aside from that? Couldn't tell you.

Well I'm feeling particularly smug right now since not only did I attend the re-launch of The Devon Doorway in Heswall this week, it turned out to be completely fab and now I have the perfect place to recommend to weekend walkers looking for a proper pub dinner.


Las Iguanas

Liverpool One fave Las Iguanas is celebrating their 10 year Liverpool-anniversary this month with a bit of a make-over. There's a new bar area, an extended outdoor piazza and a whole lotta neon, too.


Almost Famous Christmas

I am fully aware that it's mid-October but time flies at this time of year and before you know it the season for last-minute shopping, all-day drinking and eating triple your daily calorie allowance will be upon us.


Flour will Fly

There are very few occasions where you'll see me out of bed at 10am on a Saturday morning. There are even fewer occasions where you'll see me out of bed, showered, dressed and in the city centre by that time- in fact, yesterday was probably the first time it's ever happened. 

The reason for such a momentous occasion was unsurprisingly food based- though this time it was all about me making it rather than eating it (I mean, I did get to eat it eventually but that was much later) and it's all because I'd been invited to try out Liverpool's newest pasta class Flour will Fly.

The class runs weekly inside Olive on Castle Street and with a group size of around 8-10 it's a relaxed and intimate way to learn how to make fresh pasta with the lovely Paola (and her extended Italian fam) helping you along the way. 

& of course there's bubbles!

We learned to mix, knead, fill and shape the pasta and even got to grips with the pasta machine, managing to produce some respectable looking spinach and ricotta ravoli as well as a few bundles of fresh tagliatelle.

We followed Paola's instructions to cook the pasta that night and made the most unbelievable dinner, sauteing our ravioli in huge puddles of butter and sage and making a meaty (and boozy?) bolognese sauce to go with the rest. It was, as you can probably imagine, really really good-so thin and light and completely incomparable to the dried stuff I usually have.

Plus, whilst I won't go in to too much detail about how I know this, I can confirm it tasted absolutely phenomenal reheated and scoffed down with my fingers in the early hours of the morning. 

I'd recommend Paola's class to anybody- we had so much fun and I'll definitely be trying to re-create what we made at home. Find the Flour will Fly details on their Insta page- here.

Happy Cooking!

*I was kindly invited to try out Paola's class, but as always all words, thoughts, pictures and opinions are completely my own!

Miller and Carter Otterspool

As you may know, in my old(er) age I've become a bit of a fan of a weekend walk, although admittedly, only when I know it will end in some kind of celebratory reward-based eating. Walking alongside the Mersey at Otterspool Prom has long been one of my favourite places to do this. You can see right across the Wirral (sometimes to Wales on a clear day) and once when I was peering aimlessly into the murky depths I saw a sea lion,  I swear.

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