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When I find somewhere I like to eat I can be really annoying about it. Any of you that have had to suffer through me harping on about how much I love Salt House Bacaro will know exactly what I'm talking about here. Well, in the interests of giving you all fair and advanced warning, I thought I'd let you know that I've found a new Italian favourite. In fact I liked to so much it had me browsing Skyscanner for flights to Tuscany as soon as I got home.

Named after owners and brothers Alessio and Federico, Carlisi is Dale Street's newest resident.  This cafe-come-cocktail-bar aims to bring visitors a taste of Italy whatever the time of day and is open for coffee, snacks and drinks- morning, noon & night.

Brushetta Manchego

The menu is small, simple and focussed on incredible quality Italian ingredients. I was like a kid in a sweet shop browsing the options on their brushetta bar-eventually trying a Brushetta Manchego, an Italian greatest hits compilation of cheese, charcuterie and cherry tomatoes piled on top of crisp, toasted sourdough.

I'll never look at a lunchtime sandwich in the same way now that I've had one of their paninis. Ours was sandwiching the perfect combination of beef braeosola, mozzarella and tomatoes inside fresh foccacia.

The Insalata Golasa with a ball of fresh creamy burrata, Culatello Ham and cherry tomatoes was huge and equally delicious- a simple but brilliant combination of all of Italy's best foodstuffs on a plate. Of course, everything is drizzled liberally in Extra Virgin Olive Oil so don't be surprised if you leave with your fingers (and face) glistening. 

Feeling fully in the Italian spirit, I of course did as the Italians do and took a post- meal espresso at the counter with a sweet treat on the side. A delicious and fitting end to one of the best lunches I've had all year.


*My meal at Carlisi was complimentary however as always all my opinions are honest and completely my own.
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