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Red Dog Saloon

You may well have heard of Red Dog Saloon, they've been open on Bold Street for a while now but I'm ashamed to say my first visit was just last week. I'm not really sure why, but I suppose in the flurry of new restaurants opening this year this one just slipped through the net. 

After all, I am just one tiny person and there's only so much eating my waistline (and my bank balance) will allow. With Liverpool now crammed full of new and exciting food-stuffs, American food sadly falls towards the lower end of my list.


Woolton Peach

You may recall from my previous post that there's been a few exciting things going on round my ways recently and one of them is the arrival of Woolton Peach.


Pig and Fig

When we moved out of our flat in the city centre 18 months ago, my number one concern was that I'd be completely out of the loop with all of the fun-food things going on in town. Thankfully, despite my fears,  there's actually loads going on outside of the L1 boundary at the moment and there's been not one but two incredible restaurant pop-ups right here in the suburbs over the past few weeks. The first of which was the inaugural event by Pig & Fig.


Liverpool Christmas Specials

Now that the 1st of December has dawned, advent calendars have been cracked open and somewhere out there our beloved Bublé  is shaking the dust of his tux,  I think it's safe to declare that the festive season has well and truly begun.

I'm glad to report that restaurants across the city are embracing the spirit of all things Christmas and have been announcing edible Christmas specials by the minute. Father Christmas better be putting me on the nice list because I've spent hours trawling the web and kindly found you all the best ones.

The inspiration behind this post the 'Peds in Blankets' from Crazy Pedros

Revisiting Rumi

You'd be forgiven if you said you'd never been to Rumi by Bukhara. In fact, I'd forgive you even if you said you'd walked past but never been in, because on the outside this place is very unassuming. Like I mentioned the last time I went to Bukhara, this place looks a lot more like a cafe-come-takeaway than it does your typical Indian restaurant.




Roll up, roll up! There's a circus in town and this one is strictly for the grown-ups. I am, of course, talking about Albus Wolfgang's Spectaculum based inside the big top tent that has sprung up inside the Cain's Brewery village.

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