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Revisiting Rumi

You'd be forgiven if you said you'd never been to Rumi by Bukhara. In fact, I'd forgive you even if you said you'd walked past but never been in, because on the outside this place is very unassuming. Like I mentioned the last time I went to Bukhara, this place looks a lot more like a cafe-come-takeaway than it does your typical Indian restaurant.


Visiting second time around I noticed even more oddities than before. Between the inspirational quotes on the walls, the book stand and sachets of ketchup it really is a bit of a confusing sight. There's no carpets, no mood lighting, no linen napkins and no music. Just the gentle hum of the gelato cabinet (we'll get to that later) and the pitter patter of staff, chatting and chilling and sorting out the endless stream of Deliveroo drivers that seem to come in every 5 minutes like clockwork.

Channa Chaat, Chicken Tikka and Chutneys

The most important thing to remember here (and always) is that a pretty restaurant does not a good meal make- and Rumi is a prime example of this. You see, whilst it certainly ain't a destination spot for a decent Insta-shot, the food is really, really good.

For example, they do a cracking naan bread and honestly, it's not often I describe a naan like that. Expecting the usual stodgy- bready affair I was chuffed when this one arrived. Soft but charred- crispy and light as anything, swimming in pools of garlic butter.
 (Also, I mean..look at it- it's huge?)

Same for the curry- the Murgh Makhani  (a relative of my favourite Butter Chicken) was rich and creamy and had that perfect level of heat that smacks you around the head a bit but doesn't quite finish you off. We went for medium, if you order hotter than that then on your head be it, pal. A Chicken Tikka Biryani was similarly flavourful and fragrant as anything.

What's more, to my knowledge this is the only Indian restaurant in the city that has it's own gelato cabinet. Made on site with flavours like Kinder Bueno, Bubblegum, Ferrero Rocher and Bounty it's the ideal after-dinner treat to cool you off. There'd be queues out the door for this stuff if it was up at the Baltic

You can find Rumi on Mount Pleasant or on their website here, so next time the queues outside a certain Indian street food place on Bold St are too much to face (you know where I mean) head up to Rumi for your your spice fix, or, even better, order it to your house and try it in your pj's. 


* I was kindly invited back to review Rumi but as always all words, thoughts, opinions and photo's are honest and my own!

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