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Bistro Franc

You may or may not recall in my review of Cote Bistro a few months ago I was lamenting the lack of French restaurants in Liverpool. One of the places that got an honourable mention was Bistro Franc, once a part of the Bistro group it's now completely independent of it's French siblings and is standing alone as it's own beacon of retro French joy on Hanover Street.

For context, I've eaten here before. When I worked as a waitress in a (nameless) L1 restaurant our go-to staff night out of choice always seemed to be Bistro Franc. Sure we liked the food, but mostly it was cheap, they looked after us and the wine just never stopped coming. Having now revisited (a lot older and just a little wiser) I'm happy to report things are pretty much business as usual here.

The menu is virtually unchanged since my last visit. I was particularly pleased to see they're still offering up le frogs legs as an appetiser which was one thing that used to delight us after a few bottles of vino but, now that I'm a mature adult (and permanently hungover), doesn't have quite the same appeal.

We dined on a Sunday afternoon where a 3 course lunch menu at around 5pm will only cost you £11.90. That is outrageously cheap for a city centre restaurant by anyone's standards, which may go some of the way to explaining why it was absolutely heaving in the middle of a rainy weekend afternoon.

So what will less than £12 get you these days? In Bistro Franc, a decent amount it seems.

Mackerel Paté and Soupe du Jour
Roast Chicken in Mustard Sauce

Gratin Dauphinois

As somebody who recently spent £15 on two eclairs in London (I know, sorry) you can't argue with the value! It's simple, home cooked, retro food- perfect if you're on a budget and if you're interested in the vino more than the food, the Sunday 'wine & dine' gets you two courses and a bottle of wine each for less than £19.

Bistro Franc website here

I was kindly invited to review the menu at Bistro Franc but as always all thoughts and opinions are completely honest and my own! 

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