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Lane 7 Bowling

There's a whole load of glorious nostalgia in the sticky carpets, ancient arcades and terrible food at the Hollywood Bowl. I spent many a childhood party there, as well as a fair few of my teenage years when we couldn't get in anywhere in town without ID (still can't to be honest).

But, throwback Thursday moment aside, the location and sheer amount of children there has meant it's been a long time since I've considered the bowling alley as a go-to destination for a night out...until recently that is. You see we finally have a bowling alley just for us grown-ups in the form of the brand new Lane 7.

Lane 7 is just at the side of Clayton Square, smack-bang in the middle of the city centre. The otherwise unused warehouse building has been put to good use and has been transformed into a late-night bowling alley strictly for adults and open until the early hours.

There's a bar of course, complete with beers, spirits, cocktails and milkshakes. Or, if you fancy reliving your youth, there's two slushie machines churning out boozey versions of those childhood slush puppies (mine was strawberry daiquiri flavour). Whilst you're waiting to bowl you can pass the time on some of the arcade games including pool tables, air-hockey, basketball hoops or try your luck on the beer pong station.

And of course there's the bowling! 7 lanes of glowing neon heaven, flashing bowling balls, fluorescent pins and a pretty decent playlist, too.

If you don't mind putting those dodgy bowling shoes on then it's definitely worth a look for your next date night. Book online here.

In the interests of transparency I was kindly invited to the launch night at Lane 7 however as always all thoughts, words and opinions are completely honest and my own.

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