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Free State Kitchen

The funny thing about running this blog is that, despite constantly reviewing new places, new menus and restaurants I've never been to before, I very rarely get the chance to sit down and write about my actual all-time favourites. The places I go to time and time again seem to unfairly slip out of the loop in favour of all the 'new' content and I really need to start making a more conscious effort to mention them more frequently.

One of those places on my list is Free State Kitchen. Now, FSK (as they'll henceforth be known) have had a few mentions on this site most notably on my (frankly, ridiculous) A-Z of Liverpool Burgers which you can find here, and again on my list of places to hang out in the sun this summer (you can find the rest of those here). That said, they've never had a dedicated post of their own- so I reckon it's about time I tell you why I like this place so much.

 The Restaurant
Free State Kitchen are a completely independent, family-owned and family-friendly restaurant.  They make everything fresh where possible and use local suppliers and their own garden for their ingredients. The menu is fab, the food is delicious and the staff are just lovely.

The Garden
Not many restaurants have the privilege of such a big garden space on hand but the garden at FSK is the dictionary definition of a hidden gem. It's cool but beautiful, contained either side by the towering city centre buildings, benches sheltered by hanging trees and watched over by a huge Jesus statue bearing light bulbs. I mean, it's what he would've wanted, right?

The Bar
Inside or outside (weather dependent) both bars are fully stocked. There's Tanqueray gin, cocktails and spritzers that are always 2 for £12, beer from the Birkenhead-based Glen Affric Brewery and Monday to Thursday it's happy hour from 4 'til 8.  Plus, in the sunnier months, well-behaved dog pals are also welcome outside...if anyone's got one to lend me that'd be great.

The Food
Obviously the main reason FSK are always on my mind is the food, more specifically, the burgers. I'm sure you're all well aware by now that those huge gimmicky burgers with cereal and the likes on top of them will always hold a certain place in my heart but time and time again I always end up coming back to these ones. Proper, American handhelds with onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard and not one teeny tiny bit of fuss. The chips are killer too.

Burgers aside, the rest of the menu is just as good. The starters for example are just as delicious and as 'Murican as they come. My faves are the Buffalo Wings and the Maryland Crab Cakes, though I'd be lying if I said I didn't polish off  good majority of the Sticky Sausage Links and the Sweetcorn Fritters just as quickly.

You can find Free State Kitchen at the top of Maryland Street just opposite where The Scream pub used to be- remember that? 
Get more details including menus and booking on their website here.

The photos and images in this post were taken as part of a gifted press visit however as always all thoughts about FSK are completely honest and my own! It's fab. 

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