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Smoke & Dough

There's one unit at the end of the Liverpool One restaurant strip that has been sitting empty for a suspiciously long time now. It's former occupant Red Hot World Buffet was, let's face it, pretty damn awful and for a long time it's remained empty despite the rest of the strip absolutely booming.

But here we are, November of 2019 and it's re-opened as Smoke and Dough, in it's own words an 'American-Italian restaurant experience featuring a one of a kind BBQ concept'. In a space this huge and in a location this prominent it's hard to accept that Smoke and Dough is an indie restaurant,  especially when you see the stunning fit out it's hard inside. It definitely looks more like a reincarnation of The Vincent than it does another TGI's.  It' a cavern of gorgeous warm-toned soft furnishings, dark wood and twinkling pendant lamps. In other words, it looks absolutely nothing like Red Hot did.

There's a good cocktail list but if you don't like 'em too strong then I'd stick to the wine. (I, of course, had both). There's not really a lot of point in looking at the menu since all the starters are brought to the table for you to share. Yes that's correct...all of the starters. The first round consists of a myriad of dips, bread, cold meats, salad and olives. Whilst it was nice to have a choice I can't help but think of how much must go to waste each night! (i.e I wouldn't touch the olives or the beetroot if you paid me).

I much preferred the main course which is heralded by the dramatic arrival of a hot coal grill topped with various meats and surrounded artistically by a whole load of hot carby sides and veggies. Whilst I question the point of the grill at all (since the meat arrives already cooked?) The steak was good, the mash was good and the green beans were bloody great..just eat it fast so it doesn't over cook.

If you fancy your own table-top feast then then the whole spread will set you back £12.99 pp at lunchtime and £19.99 on evenings and weekends which you can't deny is excellent value for money especially if you're feeding an army. Find more info and bookings here.


* My meal at Smoke and Dough was kindly gifted however as always all thoughts are completely honest and my own!

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