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I've had this horrible feeling over the past few weeks that they're going to start writing 'better late than never!' on my gravestone since that's basically all I've said over the past few months. Truthfully though, I can't deny this is one blog post that's been a long time coming. Given that my first taste of Jimmy's was way back in November I'd usually have given up on writing it entirely by now...but this one's just too good to keep quiet about.

Jimmy's is primarily a bar and live music venue, opening in Liverpool back in July we've got the second branch (I think) following the success of it's Manchester flagship. Never one to miss out an opportunity to be lazy I ended up skipping the bar launch in favour of an early night in but, as always, ended up with raging FOMO when I saw pictures of the neon, lava-lamp lit walls appearing online. The corner of Bold St now looks like Liverpool's answer to God's Own Junkard.

Fast forward a few months and an email drops into my inbox telling me that Jimmy's are opening a restaurant upstairs...now we're talking. Expecting a beer and a burger-in-a-basket type of scenario I rocked up straight from work expecting to grab a quick bite, a pint and be on my way. However, much to my delight (and ever-rumbling stomach) it turns out Jimmy's have the most beautiful little restaurant space hidden away on their upper floor, a far cry from the madness below.

It's impeccably finished. Red leather, pendant lamps, a grand piano (& pianist thankyouverymuch), open kitchen and incredible views of the Bombed out Church from every window. It's a shame that my camera didn't enjoy all the neon quite as much as I did.

Despite the fancy surroundings the menu stays true to its roots and is based around small plates for sharing with an appropriate but classy American theme.

Flatbreads and Guac

Smoked Cod Croquettes/ Meatballs
JFC- Jimmy's fried chicken, sweet curry sauce & rainbow slaw.

Cajun wedges
Chilli Mac 'n' Cheese

Crispy cod taco, guac, sweetcorn and pickled shallots.

Jimmy's is a really cool place for a drink, a dance or a pretty good dinner. In fact, if you've got more energy than I do, then it'd be the perfect place to do all three and make a night of it.


*I was kindly invited to the restaurant launch at Jimmy's so our food was gifted but as always this review wasn't required and is completely honest!

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