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Baltic Pizza Co

There's a little cabin outside the Baltic Market that has had a multitude of purposes over the years, more in fact than I care to keep up with. First and foremost it was the old security cabin for the Cains Brewery and I distinctly remember it being a little cocktail lodge at some point but aside from that I've got nothing. Regardless, that cabin is now home to the brand new Baltic Pizza Company and I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that they'll be there for the long haul.

Baltic Pizza Co comes from the clever folks behind Dockleaf and specialises in Neopolitan style, stone baked pizza with traditional toppings on a thin, sourdough base. Despite the whole place being absolutely miniature (is there a record for the world's smallest pizza restaurant?), it's well worth squeezing in for and it's got all the ingredients you'll need for a good night. Great pizza, hilarious staff & prosecco in a can, or as it shall hereby be known Cansecco.

Having plied us with plenty of booze and an obscene amount of pizza, homemade dips and garlic bread, Toni and George decided to take their lives into own hands by letting me and a few of my foodie friends have a bash at making our own.

After a hefty stint spinning dough in Dominos in my youth as well as few years waitressing in a big Italian chain (I won't name it but it rhymes with yeezey), I fancied my chances at taking the pizza-making crown. Clearly the others considered me a threat too since I was brutally sabotaged at the last minute. *View picture below with caution*

Pizza casualties aside, we had such a fun night at The Baltic Pizza co and I'm not telling you this to be smug about it (for once amiright?!) - I'm telling you because you can now book to have your own lil' pizza party for you and your besties- just drop them a message and they'll get you booked in.

If you'd rather let the professionals do the work for you they're open in the Baltic Triangle Thurs-Sun from 12 until late and if you're lucky enough to live in the centre they're also on Deliveroo.

Find them on Instagram here.


*This was a gifted experience however as always all thoughts and opinions are entirely honest and my own! 

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